The Erasmus+ week in Slovakia was closed with a cruise on the Domaša dam

On Thursday, students could learn more about the nature of climate change and the importance of using renewable energy sources precisely because of the necessary reversal of the current unflattering situation.

The workshop prepared by the Sosna civic association was followed by a tour of Košice, a visit to the cathedral and a return home.

Friday was dedicated to the officialities in the form of handing over certificates, followed by a joint “Belgian dance” at the school yard. After a tasty lunch, a cruise on the Bohemia boat on the Domaša dam.

In conclusion, to say one big thank to all who actively participated in this project and contributed to its successful implementation.


LTT in Slovakia – part 2

On Wednesday, we welcomed our “foreign visit” on the grounds of our school.

Pupils from Spain, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria took part in the International Erasmus Day🤜🤛 activity. This day was very interesting, creative and our foreign friends took the opportunity to ride on solar scooters before lunch🛴🛴.

After lunch, another part of the programme followed – a walk in nature, a visit to the House of Folk Traditions, or the Museum of Forestry in Zámutov and there was also a grill party in the restaurant Opál😋. Thank everyone involved for the fantastic atmosphere and active participation.


LTT in Slovakia – part 1

The week of fighting for "Saving the Planet" has begun

This week is a bit busier at the school in Slovakia than usual. The reason is the visit of representatives of five partner schools from Europe and Turkey.

As part of the project called Save the Planet, which we are implementing at the school as part of the Erasmus + program, we were pleased to welcome a total of 34 students and teachers from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain and Turkey.

The program of the first day consisted of an introductory greeting from our youngest – kindergarten students. After a tour of the most important cultural monument of the city – the Basilica of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary – the reception by the Mayor Ing. J. Ragan at the Townhall.

The programme continued with class of folk dance, where our, now graduates Klára and Daniel, tried to teach the guests at least something from our rich folklore tradition.

After the festive lunch, we ended the programme on the first day with a creative workshop on the topic of “hero of the planet”.

The meeting is financially supported by the Erasmus + program, contract number 2020-1-BG01-KA229-079223.


LTT in Catalonia

At the turn of the second and third week of May, another project meeting attended by 6 partner schools from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Turkey and home Spain, was held in Catalonia.

In addition to “getting to know” a normal day at the Spanish school INS Joan Amigó i Callau, the weekly program also included an “informal” Spanish lesson, where Spanish students taught us a few phrases (we believe decent) of this attractive language. The program was enriched by a tour of the city, museums, cultural institutions, as well as a trip to the beloved Barcelona. In addition to experiences related to high temperatures, sunny weather or a crowded beach, the Spanish hospitality and carefree lifestyle, which can be summed up in a single word “mañana”, are etched in our memories.

LTT activity in Žamberk


5th March 2022

Today we have left Espluga de Francolí to the airport of Barcelona. The flight was at 9 o’clock and arrived at 11.

When we did the security control we had a small problem because we had some creams and shampoos in our small backpack. We were forced to throw them in the garbage can.

When we arrived in Prague after 2 hours of flight, we went to visit the Carlos Bridge. It was amazing the bridge and the great river called Moldava. We stayed in the main streets and we looked the clock. In the evening, we went to the Museum and the Opera and we took photos there. 

After many hours of walking, we decided to go to buy food at McDonald’s and we took the food to our room. 

When we were all half asleep, a security alarm went off and we were scared to death. We didn’t understand anything because the alarm was in Czech. Seconds later, they put the announcement in English. There was a fire in the hotel. We put on our shoes and ran out of the building. A few minutes later they came out to tell us that it was a false alarm, that nothing important had happened, that the smoke and fire were coming from the kitchen.

LTTA in Budapest, Hungary

Our first LTT activity took part in the Hungarian capital Budapest, in the week of 13th to 17th December 2021.

Due to a sudden rise in Covid cases in Slovakia, the Slovak school was not able to participate in the meeting physically, so we had a hybrid meeting.

The activity titled We are learning biomass energy provided us with a week full of interesting activities including various workshops, lectures and excursions.

Hello! I’m Mar, I’m from Spain and I was on the mobility to Budapest this past December. We arrived in the airport of Budapest on December 12th around 8 p.m. where Zoltan came to welcome us and bring us to our hotel. We left the suitcases there and we went for a walk over the city at night, we had dinner and we returned to the hotel. The next morning we went to the school, József Attila Gimnázium, where they introduced the project “Save the planet” and made a presentation about renewable energy. In the afternoon we went to a science center where there were interactive exhibits and activities, if I’m not mistaken it’s name was Csopa. We had a wonderful time there. And before returning to the hotel we went to take photos of the beautiful parliament from the other side of the river Denube. And later that night, in our free time, we went to the christmas market in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica. On Tuesday, we made two groups because due to covid we couldn’t go all together in some places. So one group went to the 3D Gallery, a place where you can take photos in different scenarios and it was quite funny, and then visited the Basilica of St. Stephen. And the other group went to the Biomass factory where we could see how biomass is done. That day I went to the biomass factory, we took a train which led us there. It was a very interesting visit, it was my first time walking in that kind of factory. Then in the afternoon, we reunited and we went to visit the parliament together. The parliament left me stunned, it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. On Wednesday, the group that went to the biomass factory had to go to the 3D Gallery and vice versa. I went to the 3D Gallery since I had already gone to the factory. My group had a great time there, we laughed a lot with all the funny pictures we took, and there were a lot of pictures. Then, after lunch we went to the Fisherman’s Bastion, it was amazing! There were those incredible views up there, you could see half of the city that the river divided. We were in the region of Buda, so we could see all Pest. It was fantastic, even before going there I saw pictures and I was amazed, but when you are there it’s even better. On Thursday, we went to school again. There, the school made a presentation about biomass energy. Then, we made 5 international groups, each one was made by 4-5 members of different countries (Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria and Czechia). With these groups we made a handmade poster about biomass energy and we got to know each other better and made friends. Then we had lunch at the other building of the school and we went to the Ciutadella. It was outside the city on a little mountain and there you could see all of Budapest. We took outstanding pictures there. On Friday, we went to the school again to finish the poster we began the day before and we presented it to everybody. In the afternoon, we went to the castle with just the Hungarian team, because the other teams left that day or the next day in the morning. Therefore we said goodbye to them and we went to the castle. There, again, you could see all the beautiful city like the Fisherman’s Bastion. It was a really great afternoon, but it was a pity that the other teams couldn’t make it. Then in our free time in the evening, we went to the City Park Ice Rink where we skied and had a lot of fun. And the last day, Saturday, we spent the day shopping for souvenirs and we made a final look around the city before taking off at 7p.m. It was an unforgettable experience, and maybe one of the best weeks of my life. I hope to do this all again in the future.

The first Zoom meeting in the new school year

After summer holidays we all came back to schools with a feeling that the Corona crisis is over and nothing like what we had go through would happen again.

Unfortunately, the situation showed that our feelings were wrong.

Despite that we had to run the project so we started preparing our first physical mobility in Hungary. 

The result of our online meeting was the date that suited everybody: Hungary will welcome us on 13th December 2021.