Seminar Renewable Energy Sources Czech Republic

Despite the continuing closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not giving up. On 20.4. A seminar on Renewable Energy Sources took place, where students, together with physics teacher Michal Klátil and English teacher Ludmila Smolová, met in the online environment of MS TEAMS. Pupils discussed with the teachers on the topic of renewable resources, climate change, waste management and activities organized as part of the Earth Day event.

The meeting was supported by funds from the Erasmus + program, as part of the Save The Planet project, which we are implementing at the school together with other projects. Due to the age of the students, the seminar was held in the Czech language.


Xerrada sobre energies renovables del projecte Erasmus+ « Save the planet»

L’alumnat de 3r d’ESO de l’institut Joan Amigó participa en el projecte “Save de Planet” enmarcat en el programa europeu Erasmus+ cofinançat per la Unió Europea. En el mateix projecte hi participen estudiants de Bulgaria, Hungria, Eslovàquia, Turquia i República Txeca, i està previst que, en futur, una de les activitats del projecte tingui lloc en algun d’aquests països.

El passat dimarts, 13 d’abril, el Sr. Sergi Saladié, professor de Geografia de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili, va assistir a l’institut per impartir una xerrada sobre energies renovables.

En primer lloc va parlar sobre el repte del canvi climàtic, la necessitat de controlar l’augment de la temperatura, les reduccions de pluja i l’increment de la temperatura del mar.

A continuació es va referir a la disponibilitat decreixent dels recursos energètics i al funcionament del sistema elèctric de Catalunya. Va explicar que la major part de l’electricitat que es consumeix a Barcelona es produeix a les Terres de l’Ebre. També va incidir en la transició energètica a Europa i a Catalunya.

Finalment, va explicar els reptes i les accions que es volen portar a terme davant la manca de planificació de les energies renovables.

Va ser una conferència molt interessant que va permetre a l’alumnat conèixer els perills del canvi climàtic i els va conscienciar de la necessitat d’aportar el seu gra de sorra per fer un món més habitable i sostenible.


“ZeroWaste” workshop

Although we have been “closed” for more than a year due to the pandemic measures issued due to COVID-19, life has not stopped and teaching continues – perhaps in other forms to which we have been accustomed so far.

This is also the reason why, on Monday, April 12, 2021, the students of the Quarter of the partner school in Slovakia met in an online discussion in English with Mrs. Petra Slezáková from the ZeroWaste Slovakia initiative.

The subject of the meeting was a webinar on the topic “ZeroWaste and the impact of waste generation on climate change”, in which students had the opportunity to learn not only about the meaning of terms such as. carbon footprint, recycling, etc. but also about a number of practical ideas how to eliminate waste production.

The meeting was organized and financially supported by EU funds, the Erasmus + program, within the project Save The Planet (BG01-KA229-079223_3), which we are implementing at the school together with other European schools.

We believe that not only the information from this meeting will contribute to the gradual change of humanity’s attitude to waste generation and disposal. But we have to start with ourselves.


The logo competition

As it is some kind of a tradition, all projects have a common logo that represents what the project deals with.

Our project Save the Planet is not an exception. Students of each partner schools have prepared a number of various logo designs, each school ran the national round of the competition and now we are proud to present the winners from which we will choose the best of the best.

Since we want to keep a certain level of secrecy, we will not tell you who created them. Only after online voting is finished, the author will be “uncovered”.

Here are the logos: