The project is run under theErasmus+ programme

Project description

Here we provide a short summary of our project with its main aim and the participants involved.


Our project emerged out of the need of the partners schools of educating young people in the field of renewable energy resources. The topic is an actual one as dependence on fossil fuels and diminished natural resources is one of the biggest problems the world is facing today. As school is the basis of the future society, it must bring its’ contribution to solving this major issue. Today’s students are very interested in technology but not all of them understand where the energy for their technology comes from. They don’t know the effects of producing this energy on the environment. Some of them don’t even care about this problem. Therefore, the main goal of our project is to raise awareness, to experiment and to use various renewable energy sources in schools. Our students must learn where energy comes from, the production costs, the effects the production process has on the environment and the solutions to obtain energy with a negligible impact on the environment. 

Our project reunites six schools from Bulgaria (coordinator), Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Repuclic. During our project meetings we will involve teachers from the partner schools, especially the contact teachers and teachers of Physics, Sciences, Technologies, Languages or ITC. There will be approximately 125 students involved, aged between 11 to 16 years old.